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Rally The Cause

Jun 14, 2021

Ronnie Coleman is the Co-founder and CEO of Meaningful Gigs, a strong community of African designers aimed at building jobs in the creative, marketing, and advertising spaces. Ronnie’s goal is to create 100,000 skilled jobs for Africans by 2028.

Ronnie immigrated to the United States from Ghana when he was 19 and worked as an Account Executive at HyperOffice. From there, he was a founding team member and Head of Growth and Business Development at StayNTouch. Ronnie also was a Co-founder of Art Lab DC and is currently the Co-founder of The Black Exchange.

In this episode:

In the United States, we view our computers, phones, internet access, and Wi-Fi as everyday necessities. But for many other countries around the world, that isn’t the case. It can be difficult for people to access the internet and find work, leading to many underrepresented voices in the creative design world. Ronnie Coleman decided to change that.

After immigrating to America from Ghana when he was 19, Ronnie worked at various agencies before starting his own: Meaningful Gigs. Ronnie’s passion lies in giving a platform for African designers to find specialized work in multiple industries, and his company is on track to create 100,000 specialized jobs for African designers by 2028. How? He’s here to tell you.

On this inspiring episode of Rally the Cause, Jeff Rum has a conversation with Co-founder and CEO of Meaningful Gigs, Ronnie Coleman. They discuss Ronnie’s experience in Ghana, diversity and equality in the workplace, giving a platform to underrepresented voices, and much more. Stay tuned!